Natural building-furnishing materials
28 April 2009
"Phoenix" offers the widest range of natural building-furnishing materials. According to their hardness, structural and visual criteria, natural stones can be grouped as followed:

Granite: Owing to its physical and mechanical properties, granite is the best building material, can be used both in interiors and exteriors. Granite is very hard and wear-resistant. It is especially recommended for the part of a building with the strongest load, including physical load, climatic influence etc., for example for a building facade, interior flooring or a manufactured piece. Granite varieties can be homogeneous, oriented or veined.

Granite can be used in interiors and exteriors, alike. The finished products are normally slabs or tiles of various sizes. The surface can be polished, flamed or bush-hammered. Bush-hammering enhances the overall white colour of the rock. Given the light colour of the materials, flamed and bush-hammered surfaces on floorings and paving tend to be easily soiled.

Marble: Owing to its aesthetic and decorative properties, marble has been used since ancient times as a structural and furnishing material, as well as for mosaic compositions and monuments. It has mostly a veined, dotted or spotted structure. Marble is commonly used in interiors. Given the chemical and mineralogical composition, most varieties are sensitive to atmospheric pollution, especially in humid climates or climates with considerable temperature changes, consequently the use of it in exteriors is limited and requires a thorough selection of colours and structure.

Onyx: Onyx belongs to the group of semiprecious stones. The quantities of onyx available are quite limited. According to their aesthetic characteristics these materials are generally very transparent when held to the light. Thanks to their transparency they can be used to create special light effects. Onyx is normally used in interiors for special pieces, including solid pieces and small facings. It is frequently used for ornaments too.

Travertine: Travertine varieties are suitable for all the normal uses of dimension stone, both in interiors and exteriors. Owing to the fact, that they are not affected by freezing temperatures, they are also appropriate for climates with significant temperature changes. In view of their high porosity, they are easily soiled. Thus, when they are to be used for floorings and bathrooms, etc., they must be filled or reinforced with resin. They can also be used in solid blocks to fulfill structural functions. They are normally cut along contro or secondo; when cut along the verso, the holes increase in size.

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